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Project 5 of 7: Housekeeping
You are helping to write training program modules for Contoso Suites. You are editing the second module for housekeeping associates.

Start of Shift
The first thing you should do when you start your shift is check your schedule. The shift supervisor will provide you with a printed schedule listing the rooms for which you are responsible, and a recommended order for cleaning the rooms. Unless an early cleaning is requested by the guest, check-out rooms are given priority so that we can prepare them for the next guests.
Use the inventory checklist attached to your cleaning cart to make sure that your cart is fully stocked before you begin your rounds.

Room Cleaning
When you are ready to clean a room, knock and announce yourself as "Housekeeping." Give the guest sufficient time to respond (10 to 15 seconds). If the guest does not respond, let yourself into the room and begin cleaning.
Start by cleaning the common room and sleeping areas. It is best to follow consistent steps when cleaning rooms. This will help to prevent you from missing anything. In the common room and sleeping area:
1. Pick up and dispose of any trash.
2. Empty trash cans.
3. If the guest has checked out, replace the sheets on each bed with fresh sheets.
4. Make the bed.
5. Leave a "Contoso Special Treat" on each pillow.
6. Dust all wooden furniture.
7. Clean the coffee station (if necessary) and restock coffee, cups, and condiment packs.
8. Vacuum the common room and sleeping areas.
Do not open the courtesy bar. Checking and restocking the courtesy bar is the shift supervisor's responsibility.
It is important that you give special attention to the restrooms. The most common guest complaint is about restroom cleanliness. We recommend a "top-down" cleaning method for restrooms:
1. Clean all mirrors.
2. Clean countertops and sinks.
3. If damp, wipe down the shower and shower curtain.
4. If necessary, replace toilet paper.
5. Replace used towels and wash cloths.
6. Pick up any trash and empty trash cans.
7. Sweep the restroom floor and mop if necessary.
Final Check
Make a final check of the room before leaving.
Are the lights turned off?

Are the TV and coffee station turned off?

Is all trash picked up and disposed of?

Is the restroom door closed?

Close the door firmly and make sure that it locks behind you. Text your supervisor with the room number.
When you are finished, dispose of all trash in the large receptacles. Drop all sheets, towels, and other lines into the laundry carts. Restock your cart so that it is ready for the next shift.
If you have more than 30 minutes left after you have completed your assigned rooms, contact your supervisor for additional assignments.

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