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- Sep 05, 2020

Question 4: right, majority of the answer on this cram exam is incorrect. TDE wallet is different from the wallet you use to connect to ADB

- Jul 23, 2020

Question 9: If the client is behind a firewall and your network configuration requires an HTTP proxy to connect to the internet, you need to use the JDBC Thin Client 18.1 or higher which enables connections through HTTP proxies

- Jul 16, 2020

Question 30: It's 50-50 Many wrong answers

- Jul 13, 2020

Question 18: Answer are C and D .

- Jul 11, 2020

Question 3:

- Jul 08, 2020

Question 30: C is correct

- Jul 08, 2020

Question 29: D is not possible.
Only B,C are correct

- Jul 08, 2020

Question 23: A is correct

- Jul 08, 2020

Question 20: Answer C

- Jun 28, 2020

Question 9: C

Note:Connections through an HTTP proxy are only available with Oracle Client software version or later.

- Jun 27, 2020

Question 30: Hello,
Some of the answers are wrong.

- Jun 11, 2020

Question 15: BCD are right

- Jun 11, 2020

Question 27: The correct answer are C and D

- Jun 11, 2020

Question 18: Answer should be C and D.

- Jun 07, 2020

Question 21: D is right

- Jun 07, 2020

Question 19: AB are correct

- Jun 07, 2020

Question 18: BD are correct

- Jun 07, 2020

Question 17: CD correct,

- Jun 07, 2020

Question 16: BCE Correct

- May 09, 2020

Question 6: The answer is D. You simply specify the number of OCPUs and the storage capacity in TB's for the database. At any time, you may scale, increase or decrease either the OCPUs or the storage capacity.

- May 08, 2020

Question 2: correct Answer : ACD

- May 08, 2020

Question 2: Aless,
SQL Developer can be started from the ADB Cloud console for import/export not only for import scenario.
D is also correct, see

for me, ABD are correct !

- May 06, 2020

Question 26: Correct Should be "A"

How does Oracle Autonomous Database provide data security?

Oracle Autonomous Database protects against both external attacks and malicious internal users:

All data is encrypted at rest using transparent data encryption.Network connections from clients to ADB are also encrypted using the client credentials wallet. Using client credential wallets includes both server and client-side authentication and provides the highest level of security.

Oracle automatically applies all security updates to ensure data is not vulnerable.

Customers are not given OS logons or SYSDBA privileges to prevent phishing attacking.

Additional in-database features such as Database Valut, Virtual Private Database and Data Redaction are also available.
Is Data Redaction available with Oracle Autonomous Database?

Yes, data redaction is part of ADB.

- May 04, 2020

Question 26: The correct answer: A

- May 04, 2020

Question 26: A is correct - see

- May 04, 2020

Question 15: A is wrong, B is correct.
"In autonomous database, no logins are allowed to the OS. No root or SYSDBA logins are allowed. The only allowed logins are as admin, privileged default autonomous database user, or regular database user."

- Apr 28, 2020

Question 16: bce is correct

- Apr 27, 2020

Question 2: It is ACE

- Apr 25, 2020

Question 15: Answer should be B. C. D

- Apr 25, 2020

Question 26: Correct answer in A both Data redaction and TDE are available


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