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Exam Code:PEGAPCSA84V1
Exam Name:Pega Certified System Architect (PCSA) 84V1
Certification Provider:Pegasystems
Free Question Number:21
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Winston   - Aug 06, 2021

The PEGAPCSA84V1 dump is good.I hadn't questions that troubled me much, but there were one or two questions I really forgot. But still passed. Thank you!

Milo   - Aug 04, 2021

I got a good score on this subject.It is helpful. Many thanks.

Murray   - Jul 20, 2021

It is worthy it. I am happy about my score. Thank you for the dumps.

Lyndon   - May 20, 2021

I’m lucky to have come across these PEGAPCSA84V1 exam dumps. It gave me all I needed to pass my PEGAPCSA84V1 exam. The PEGAPCSA84V1 practice dumps were really great. Highly recommend!

Norman   - Apr 28, 2021

Thanks a lot! PEGAPCSA84V1 exam dumps are really very effective! I studied for a week and passed the exam.

Thomas   - Apr 27, 2021

If anyone asked me how to pass PEGAPCSA84V1 exam, i will only recommend PEGAPCSA84V1 exam braindumps from here-freecram.

SB   - Apr 08, 2021

No.# Without completing a child case a parent case cannot be closed. Here without completing a credit check the credit card application cannot be completed. Hence the correct answer is Option C.

SB   - Apr 08, 2021

No.# Option C is correct. Minor version changes generally relate to interim releases, to isolate a group of users.

SB   - Apr 08, 2021

No.# Option A says "after the assignment to notify the assigned user". But the question says when gets assigned. So the option B is the correct option.

arch   - Apr 01, 2021

No.# answer is D

arch   - Apr 01, 2021

No.# answr is c

arch   - Apr 01, 2021

No.# actual answr is User story.

arch   - Apr 01, 2021

No.# B and D not B and C

arch   - Apr 01, 2021

No.# answer is BCE

Archana S   - Mar 19, 2021

No.# I think the answer is A not B. Assignment notifications
An assignment notification is an email or push notification that your application sends when work is assigned to a user or the service-level agreement for an assignment has expired. You can use assignment notifications to call attention to unresolved work and help users resolve cases faster.
By default, assignments inherit the notification policy that is defined by the case type. For example, you can configure a case type to send email notifications each time that an assignment is routed to a worklist. You can override this policy at the assignment level by disabling notifications or providing a custom implementation.
Assignment notifications are not sent in the following cases:
 A user pulls an assignment from a work queue.
 A user transfers ownership of an assignment to another user.
 The assignment is routed to the worklist of the user who is currently processing the case.

Archana S   - Mar 10, 2021

No.# Answer should be B and C

Archana S   - Mar 10, 2021

No.# Looks like answer A. When the Review claim step starts is correct

Archana S   - Mar 10, 2021

No.# Looks like answer is D. Place the updated rules into a new ruleset and include the new ruleset in a new version of the application.

Archana S   - Mar 05, 2021

No.# Actually the answer is wrong in this ,it should be route to work queue not worklist.i failed referring this website. please correct the answers and provide valid answers

Jennifer   - Jan 12, 2021

No.# pour moi c'est "Route the assignment to a work queue" car les work list ce sont pour des specific user et non pour tous les membres d'un service où on parle de "work queue"

Ivan Tsonkov   - Jan 08, 2021

No.# why the answer is status, guys? Status is not a even a work item. How do you decide that this is the answer?

A stakeholder prefers to group a set of existing actions into a multistep form. Which work item do you create in Agile workbench to address this change request?


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