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Exam Code:PEGAPCSA84V1
Exam Name:Pega Certified System Architect (PCSA) 84V1
Certification Provider:Pegasystems
Free Question Number:21
# of views:1929
# of Questions views:28267
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Carlos   - Aug 13, 2021

No.# The explanation is very confusing, I think this is related to the agile workbench, enhancements are in the feedback tab so )B is the answer

Neha    - Jul 16, 2021

No.# i agree answer should be D

smilee   - Jul 08, 2021

No.# need correct explanation

pegapro   - Jun 30, 2021

No.# answer is requestor

pegapro   - Jun 30, 2021

No.# answer is C D

Darcy   - Jun 08, 2021

I purchased the Software version of PEGAPCSA84V1 exam dump in preparation for the PEGAPCSA84V1 exam. Not too much information, included exactly what you needed. Thanks to freecram!

Bradley   - May 26, 2021

I have used the PEGAPCSA84V1 training dumps and passed the exam though i just got the basic concept of this subject. I have never studied the books or other materials. I guess you will do a better job than me. Good luck!

Stv   - May 19, 2021

No.# answer is CDE

arch   - Apr 01, 2021

No.# i think requestor is the answer

arch   - Apr 01, 2021

No.# BD is the answer

arch   - Apr 01, 2021

No.# Answer is B

arch   - Apr 01, 2021

No.# B is the answer

arch   - Apr 01, 2021

No.# CD is the answer

arch   - Apr 01, 2021

No.# answrr is ABC

relam   - Mar 29, 2021

No.# Wouldn't this be D?


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