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Exam Code:PEGAPCSA84V1
Exam Name:Pega Certified System Architect (PCSA) 84V1
Certification Provider:Pegasystems
Free Question Number:21
# of views:911
# of Questions views:13894
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rima   - Aug 18, 2021

No.# any one can explane to me why B is the correct answer ?

Peter   - Aug 17, 2021

No.# Route to a specific user - The team manager...
Route to a work queue - Accounts Receivable...
Route based on business logic - An agent who speaks...
Route to the current user - The same customer...

Ronald   - Aug 05, 2021

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Jesús   - Jul 29, 2021

No.# Second and forth boxed are switched.

Jesús   - Jul 29, 2021

No.# Correct answer is B

Jesús   - Jul 29, 2021

No.# C is the correct answer

Jesús   - Jul 29, 2021

No.# C and D

Jesús   - Jul 29, 2021

No.# System is not even a scope type, correct answer is C. Requestor

Jorge   - Jul 21, 2021

No.# The correct answer is C and D

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momo   - Apr 27, 2021

No.# Savable data page :

correct answer is AD :

momo   - Apr 26, 2021

No.# Correct Answer is D:

Page   - Apr 22, 2021

Very good PEGAPCSA84V1 dump. Do not hesitate, try it. I just passed my exam.


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